What parents say about us...

“It’s nice to know that there are still a few teachers out there who believe children have magical things to say and that it’s their job as educators to listen to them and assist them lovingly along the way.”    
-Annie S.
“I want to express how much Lucy has loved her three years at Brown. Lucy’s experience at Brown was nothing short of incredible. Every teacher knew exactly what she needed at every stage of her development. Lucy loves school and I attribute that to you and her wonderful teachers.”
- Deb T.
"Brown Memorial Weekday School occupies a unique and extremely important niche in the Baltimore early childhood education community. Its emphasis on play-based learning is increasingly and unfortunately rare in the preschool universe, as their peer schools have - often in response to parental anxiety - moved away from this more humane and effective philosophy in order to demonstrate just how "rigorous" their programs are. Brown has steadfastly recognized what research and common sense has consistently found to be true; that play is the essential crucible within which children learn the most important and enduring lessons. I can say from both a personal and professional perspective that Brown is a gem of a program whose unique approach is a true asset to the families of the Baltimore region. 

- Matt M.
“Words simply cannot express how we feel about Brown Memorial Weekday School. It is truly a special place—perhaps the happiest place on earth! For three years Daniel was always so excited to go to school everyday and eager to learn and to try new things. As a parent, I know this is due to you (the director) and the teachers who use your understanding of child development to create a learning environment full of wonder.”

-Anne J.
“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful years we had in preschool and kindergarten at Brown Memorial Weekday School. You truly have an amazing program, unlike any other. Truly THE BEST!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for our three boys. All of your efforts have had such a positive effect on our family that we will be forever grateful.” 
Marcie B.
“This is a bittersweet spring as we move on from Brown. Michael started here 6 years ago, and now Kevin is also moving on. I am so grateful that both boys have had the wonderful experience of attending your preschool with all of its caring teachers and great programs. I cannot thank you enough for all the support, financial and otherwise, for our family. The years we’ve spent in this community have been a blessing.” 
- Lorraine G.