Teachers at St. Thomas' Preschool are highly qualified both in terms of formal education and years of experience working with children. 
  • All head teachers have at least a four-year college degree and several teachers have Masters Degrees or beyond in Education, Special Education or related fields.
  • Our programs benefit from a very low staff turnover rate.
  • Several teachers have served on the faculty for more than ten years.
  • As a school, we are committed to ongoing professional development and strive to work collaboratively to support one another throughout the school year.
  • The Faculty is also available to you.  When you see your child’s teacher at drop-off or pick-up time, feel free to request a phone call or an email exchange if something is on your mind.  If you don’t see your child’s teacher personally during the school day, you can call or email to schedule a convenient time to touch base or discuss a concern. 

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff consists of the Director, Office Manager and Financial Officer.
Our Director Kristin Morrow received her BA from Towson University and completed her Masters degree coursework at Loyola University. She taught for Baltimore County Public Schools as an elementary school teacher and worked as an Educational Curriculum Writer, prior to teaching the Threes and PreK classes at Brown Memorial.  During the time that all four of her children attended Brown Memorial, she was active in the Parents' Association as a volunteer and PA President. Her cherished time at this school created magical memories and long-lasting friendships. 
The Administrative staff is available to meet with parents throughout the school day. Please consider making an appointment so that we are able to give your concerns our undivided attention.