As a school community, we thrive on the connectedness of our families. We miss your families and want to keep us all connected. While we are not able to physically be together, we are fortunate that we can utilize all that technology has to offer, and we plan to take full advantage.

We are launching "ST. THOMAS CONNECTS". In the coming days, we will be providing the opportunity to our families to CONNECT. While not in person, we are able to do so using the many tools at our disposal. We will provide a variety of ways to view and post photos and videos from school staff and families, as well as sharing ideas for activities, materials lists, project-based learning ideas, books lists, author studies, art projects, science experiments, etc.

Use the tool(s) that you feel most comfortable with from this list below.


Private Photo Sharing App: CLUSTER

Click link below to join...

Facebook Page

Instagram Page

Website BLOG Updated Blog on website with activity ideas and links to resources. Pinterest Page Loads of ideas of activities to do at home!

Hashtag #sharestthomas email Weekly emails to with links to lessons and activities

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