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Hello St. Thomas’ Preschool Families,

In an effort to provide families with activity ideas and ways for us to keep connected with one another, we will be developing many resources for families to use. All those listed below can be viewed online. There are also printable resources that can be utilized. Visit the Pinterest Board for more ideas. Some of these require materials that you may or may not have at home, so look through and see what best suits your family. Some activities do require some prep work, but we have tried to provide activities that are fairly simple and do not require a lot of materials, other than those you already have at home. As teachers, we often plan activities based on ideas we see such as these. Then, when presented to the children, it doesn’t go over as planned. Don’t be discourage. Time and time again, the best and more engaging activities are those that come about organically and with help and tweaking from the children. We encourage you to use your own ideas and expertise on your child and their interests to alter actives to best suite their needs.

PLEASE SHARE your actives on our Facebook page, CLUSTER photo sharing app, or email to the families in your class.

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PLEASE REACH OUT if you have questions on need additional ideas. We are here to help!

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Eric Carle Video - Author and Illustrator

Watch this video to learn more about the author and HOW he creates his books.

Insect Collage - Art Connection

Watch this video and try making your own using these techniques.

PINTEREST BOARD - Activity Ideas


The Very Hungry Caterpilla

The Very Quiet Cricket

The Very Busy Spider

The Grouchy Ladybug

The Very Lonely Firefly

The Tiny Seed

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Little Cloud

BINGO Game - EMAILED to families - as PDF / Printable

Included four game cards and game pieces (to be cut)

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