Our mission is to support young children in reaching their full potential by providing a vibrant and innovative learning community. It is our belief that exploration, creativity, and collaboration inspire the healthy development of a child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive capacities. 


  • To achieve our mission, we strive to create a safe, accepting, and inviting environment that encourages children to be curious, take risks and enjoy new experiences. 

  • We respect the pace of childhood and understand that true exploration, creativity, and learning takes time. 

  • We value teachers who understand the importance of knowing and honoring the individual character and spirit of each child. 

  • We expect teachers to model respect for differences and the recognition that multiple perspectives inform the human experience. 

  • Children are encouraged to think creatively and transform ideas into action through cooperation and collaboration with peers and teachers.

  • The purposeful use of a variety of classroom materials is central to this process.

  • We value the involvement of parents and extended family members and understand that a child's development has its roots firmly planted in their home lives, their communities, and their cultures. 

  • We engage the help of parents in achieving our mission by partnering with them as we work with their children to foster positive growth and by welcoming them openly into the life of the school. 

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Reggio Emilia 

Why do we use this approach?

Children in Reggio settings are active constructors of knowledge, who are encouraged to be ‘researchers’. Most of the educational experiences within Reggio take the form of projects, where children have opportunities to actively participate, explore and question things. There is also a very strong emphasis on the social development of children as part of the community and their relationships to other children, their families and teachers.