St. Thomas' Preschool is an integral part of the life St. Thomas' Episcopal Church and is an outgrowth of its pastoral programs and mission. St.Thomas' Preschool formally changed it's name from Brown Memorial Preschool / Brown Memorial Weekday School after a move to St. Thomas' Church in 2018. The school began operating in 1963 at its previous location 6200 N. Charles Street on the Campus of Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church.


For over 50 years, the school has served preschool and kindergarten aged children and their families by providing rich early childhood learning experiences within a developmentally appropriate framework.

Although we are a mission of a church, religious instruction is not part of the school curriculum. There are voluntary monthly chapels that are based on universal values such as love, kindness and sharing and are designed to be respectful of multiple faith traditions. References to God might be made on occasion as part of a grace before snack in a classroom or in the context of a chapel. We embrace our diverse school community and believe that these differences make us a more vibrant and rich community.

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