The St. Thomas’ Preschool and Kindergarten community continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and relies upon national and local agencies to provide guidance and support. We have developed our Health and Safety Precautions and Procedures and Protocols according to the MSDE Office of Childcare regulations and CDC in order to meet safeguards that adhere to health and safety recommendations, as well as take into account developmentally appropriate practices within an early childhood setting. 


Please refer to the following topics for additional details regarding our response and preparedness.  Any changes to our procedures and protocols will be immediately communicated to families. 



  • MASKS - indoors for all (children and ALL adults) / outdoors - when social distancing can not be maintained; teachers will monitor each child's ability to wear appropriately and give breaks and replace as needed.

  • Strong emphasis on OUTDOOR play!  

  • Indoor ventilation through open windows, HEPA air purification units, and UV filters in building HVAC system.

  • Routine cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms and materials/toys.

  • Daily Screening and Temperature checks at Drop Off

  • Limit the number of adults in the building; separate drop-off and pick up locations. 

  • All teachers and staff are fully vaccinated. 

  • Monitoring Illness - Students and staff are to stay home when 1 symptoms is present. Certain symptoms will require a negative test result or note from a doctor with an alternative diagnosis.  Decision Aid Chart .

  • Following Office of Childcare Decision Aid Chart for symptoms and quarantine requirements.  Contact tracing assistance and the required type of test (rapid vs. PCR) will be determined by Health Department.  

  • Travel Policy - reviewed on a case by case basis; asking families to contact director with all travel plans and course of action will be determined based on specific travel details and current health trends. 

  • Staff and Families are required to sign our Health and Safety Agreement. 

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